Simple Method To Profit Trading Bitcoin On Bybit As A Beginner| Tutorial Guide

What's up guys and welcome back to another video in today's? Video! We're, going to be talking all about profit strategies on by --, but now so many of you guys have actually been asking about different ways to make profit on buy bit, and I thought why not put together a simple way of some tactics.

Tips and techniques that you can actually go ahead and make some pretty decent profit trading on by bit. Now it's, going to be a simple break out strategy. Setting your stop-loss fairly tie in today's episode, but nonetheless it's actually going to be a really really valuable episode.

And if you have just started trading on buy bit - or maybe you've been trading for a while and even making some profit. This video is gonna, be very, very helpful for you without a shadow of a doubt. So if you haven & # 39, t already smash up the thumbs up, subscribe for more cryptocurrency videos and be sure to leave a comment down below to be entered into the trays at storage device giveaway every single Monday.

I pick one random video pick one. Arnold comment, so the more comments you leave on my videos throughout the week, the more chance you have of winning the trays, a storage device. So, as I said before today's, video is gonna, be all about profit taking techniques.

So, as I mentioned earlier before today's, video is going to be all about, buy bit and all about making profit on buy bit. If you haven & # 39, t already make sure to click the link down below in the description and sign up with my buy bit link, you actually get $ 60 for free.

If you deposit, 0.2, Bitcoin or more, which is a really great offer, because you can trade without $ 60, I'm, pretty much whatever leverage you want and actually get free margin to trade with on buying it so really great offer they're having I don't know how long it's gonna be going on for, but you should definitely take advantage of it.

Free money is free money right. So today's. Video, I'm gonna be going over some pretty decent trading tactics with buy bit and give you a little bit of an insight out of how as to how some traders like to trade with leverage.

If you didn't already know, leverage trading is just taking an amount of of let's, say Bitcoin in this example that you have and trading with leverage. So it allows you to trade with more Bitcoin than you actually have, and of course you can potentially make more profits, as opposed to just trading with a small amount that you have.

Of course, there's. Many many more risks that come along with leverage trading. As long as you set your stop losses, though, and you're aware of these risks there's, no reason why anyone can't strange, though so without further ado.

Let's, jump into the video I'm sure you guys are all waiting for these crazy tactics on how you can make a million dollars in about 3.6 minutes, but let's jump into the video so right now I am on by Bev, and I'm, actually going to be taking a look at some pretty decent tactics.

We can use to go ahead and make some profit right now. The bitcoin price is currently at around nine thousand four hundred and fifty dollars, and we're kind of trading in between these two ranges here give or take nine thousand to about ten thousand dollars.

So when we are actually trading in a set zone, it allows some potential trade setups to be to actually go ahead and you can set them up to potentially profit a fairly decent amount. There's, two real levels.

I'm, going to be looking at here and two real trades that you could set up now to do this. You would probably well the easiest way to do. It is to have two by bit accounts. So if you & # 39, ve already got one by bit account just click.

The link down in the description get yourself a second one, and you can actually trade fairly nicely with two accounts. You can do it, for example, a short term short trade or and on one account and a long term, long trade on the other account that's way that way wherever the market goes, you're covered for profit for both ways And it's, really useful and actually really profitable.

So one way you could do it is you could trade the break out or the break down? This is basically where, if we cross above this level here at about $ 10,000, you can enter a long trade and actually ride the wave up.

Another way you can do it is enter a enter, a trade down here after we pass down below eight thousand nine hundred and then to a short trade. You can also do it many many other ways. For example, if you were to enter up here when we passed when we worked above this nine thousand nine hundred level, you could enter here and hopefully ride Bitcoin up with a tight stop loss of about one or two percent, depending on your your kind of interest On risk again here, you could enter at about eight thousand eight hundred just below this wick on a short position and ride Bitcoin down with a tight stop-loss here of about eight thousand nine hundred and thirty, with about a one to one to two percent stop-loss on That you could also flip it around and do complete all the way.

If you think bitcoin is going to remain in this range here. You could also set it to when it comes down to this price if it does, if it comes down to around eight thousand nine hundred and forty dollars, you could enter a long trade and hopefully ride it up to this upper extension of this wick here at About nine thousand eight hundred dollars with that amount of price price change, you could actually make some serious profit that's around a ten percent price difference and trading on leverage that is easily a good few thousand dollars.

Even if you're, not trading with a huge amount of money, so that's, pretty much one of the tactics I had. I'm gonna be covering the first option, though trading the breakout in today's example. But if you'd like to if you'd like me, to show many more examples, just leave a comment down below as well.

So you can win this. Not only that, but you can be entered into more giveaways on the channel and also just leave me a comment down below. If you'd like to see any more bi bit tutorials or bi bit, profit trading tactic, videos.

So one way you could do this. Of course you're gonna need your by Bank and by bit account which the link is down in the description. Let's say we wanted to trade, the breakout, let's say we think the bitcoin price is gonna test about here and completely break out and go up to eleven thousand or even back up to fourteen thousand something like that.

You could actually set your buy order for around about above this extension of the wick here or, if you want it to be extremely safe. You could set it above this wick extension here, which would be about eleven thousand four hundred give or take.

So let's say we want to be extremely safe and we want to ride the wave up to eleven thousand or even higher doing this. The profit may not be the most the maximum you could get, for example, compared to if you entered here.

Obviously, but it is a safer way to do it, so you could in fact go ahead and set an entry point. I'm. Just gonna use an entry point here out of ten thousand twenty two dollars, so I would go over to buy bit.

I would go on to conditional. This is what I'm gonna be using, and I would like a entry price of ten thousand and twenty two dollars. However, the trigger price, the trigger price is basically when you want by bit to put your order onto the order box.

The trigger price, I will probably use something like something a little bit below, let's, say ten thousand and fifteen dollars. So when the market hits ten thousand fifteen dollars by bit, will put your order at your limit order on the box of ten thousand and twenty two dollars so that can go ahead and get fulfilled.

You can even play these margins. This is purely just for an example purpose of the video. Then you can choose what you want to trade with. I'm gonna do 10x leverage, and I'm gonna trade, with a hundred percent of my account balance.

I have a router 0.18 for Bitcoin on this account. This is one of my by bit accounts, so I can actually trade with one point. Eight, since it's 10x leverage I've, got zero point. One Bitcoin you can trade with effectively one Bitcoin I've got a zero point.

One eight Bitcoin, so I can trade is. If I have one point, eight Bitcoin you would, then it's simply going ahead hit by long and then this would come up so order price at ten thousand twenty to trigger price.

Ten thousand and fifteen, as I said before, the order prices around here, the trigger price is a little bit lower about here. Let's run through this order value one point near Bitcoin: your actual cost out of your pocket is 0.

18, the available margin. The same thing position: leverage 10x, the stop-loss we can set going into the future coming down here. The market price and the anticipated liquidation price it doesn't does not give for now.

However, this is a fairly good way to go ahead and set up your trade. If you did want a short Bitcoin, you could go over here and set it for let's, say eight thousand eight hundred and sixty let's say that for example, so you go over here.

Eight thousand eight hundred and sixty the trigger price 8650 eight, something like that you can. Of course this is just for demo purposes. These numbers are completely bogus. I wouldn't use them. I'm, just usually it for this video, where I & # 39.

Ve lost my trainer for now so limit price. Eight thousand eight hundred and sixty the trigger price is that so at this price, by bit, we'll, put an order over this price. If my phone wouldn & # 39, t go off that's extremely rude with a hundred percent, so I will be trading with one point: a Bitcoin and you just click, sell shorts.

This the same thing will come up again exactly the same. So there's, actually a lot of potential here with the trade on by bit, as you have, as I pretty much outlined in today,'s. Video. If you have two accounts, you can use one account to trade, the breakout and you could use a second account to actually trade.

The breakdown, so having two accounts on by bit is actually really really useful and you can potentially get a lot of profit from it. Let's say you only want to trade with like 0.5 Bitcoin or 0.1 Bitcoin.

You could split that in half, but half on one account. Half on the other count claim the bonuses as well and pretty much happy days guys if you haven & # 39, t already make sure to join the buy bit link down in the description and the top pinned comment.

If you deposit, 0.2, Bitcoin or more, you're, actually gonna get $ 60 free, which you can trade with to your heart's, content, so pretty much it for today's. Video guys I mean I've covered pretty much everything.

If you want to take a look at the Bitcoin price, I do think we are going to be going above ten eleven thousand in the near future. However, we may have a pullback to this 200-day moving average that definitely would not be under wouldn't, be surprising, to be honest, that's, pretty much it for this video guys.

I hope you've enjoyed it. Let me know down in the comments below, or so it will enter you into the tracer giveaway. Let me know down in the comments below what you think about this strategy. If you have any strategies of your own and if you'd, be making any profits with by bit, I would love to hear it.

So thanks for watching this video guys and I'll catch you in the next one [ Music, ], [, Music, ]