Make A Full Time Income Swing / Day Trading Using Binance & 3Commas

What's up guys and welcome back to another video in today's video, I'm, going to be showing you exactly how you can make profitable swing trades and day trades using buy Nance and three comments. Basically, this video, I'm gonna be going through life, showing you a bit of coin analysis, also buying that coin and also setting my stop losses and my take profits using three commas.

This is basically going to be me doing everything live. It's, just so giving you a breakdown and a walkthrough of exactly what I'm thinking. What I'm doing - and everything like that, so looking at the market we can see, we are a Bitcoin - is hovering around.

Eighty three hundred at that support level aetherium, looking good at seven hundred gos, has taken a large hit over the past few days, but we are seeing an increase in that. I did actually go ahead and pick some more up at around twelve bucks, which I think was an OK purchase so yeah the mark is doing pretty pretty well before we do get into the video guys link in the description.

My trade calls forty nine bucks a month. I'm gonna tell you exactly where to enter where to exit trades and also a way to put your stop losses to protect your crypto. If you come on the link in the description come down to the bottom, and I have got an FAQ section.

What if I'm unhappy, one of the trade call posted. How do I receive the trade calls so definitely check that out before you send me an email and ask stuff. Also the Bitcoin blueprint is always there with like forty over forty educational videos on how to day trade swing, trade all good stuff like that on Finance.

So getting into the video, the first thing is you. The first thing you want to do is in fact find a coin or token that looks interesting to trade, whether it be day trade or swing trade. I think, with this market right now, I'm gonna be looking more towards swing trading so day trading is typically within a 24-hour period, whereas swing trading is something 24 hours or more.

Usually I look at swing trading over one day to two days to maybe a week, something like that, but that's. What we're gonna be looking into today, so I'm, taking a look at the coins. What we want to do is go to coin market cap and click the view all once we click view all we're, going to be taking a look at the price action over the 24 hours and over seven days, which is what we're most interested in so we can see here the one hour, rice, doesn't, really matter too much.

We want to take a look at the 24 hour and the 7 day and we want to find something that has a decent bit of growth in the 24 hour. Maybe a couple of percent, but in the seven day it has quite a bit of reduction.

So some here we go Neil take a look at Neil. The coin is 59 bucks right now: 60 bucks, which is a steal for Neil by the way point zero, five two in the one hour, not too interested in that, and in the 24 hour we seen a 1 % gain and seven days we'Ve seen a 7.

3 percent gain, so what we're gonna. Do we're gonna go ahead and jump over into trading view check me ou-out. Do a bit of quick analysis see what's going on with that and see if we can go ahead and enter a trade, if not, we're gonna come back to call market cap and choose another coin, so we're on meal right now, neo Bitcoin one day charts.

I always like to look at the one day chart and then move back to the four hour in the one hour and in the 30 minutes. This just gives you a good overview of what's going on with this market, so I'm gonna go ahead and pull up RSI up two indicators, type RSI, which is the relative strength index.

I got more about this on my course. If you're interested, I'll change this color to yellow because it's very hard to see - and I get so many comments saying: hey jerk change the color I can't see yeah.

I know I know I've changed the color, so we can see the RSI here, which is pretty clear. I'm gonna go ahead and get up the moving average as well MA. I'm gonna change. The color of the moving average as well, because it's, usually pretty hard to see.

I hope you can see yellow pretty clearly and if we're, taking a look at the moving average we can actually see and that we are below the 50-day. Oh no, this is the nine day. I want to look at the 50-day.

Let's, go over here and take a look at a 50-day moving average yeah. We can see. We're quite clearly below the 50-day moving average. The RSI is at around 37 38, which is a little bit bearish, but we can see we have.

We did in fact break through this 30 RSI and we showed good strong support upwards to around 60 RSI. Now we did see a pull back down to around 40 RSI, but I think we're going to be breaking through this as we are under this 50-day moving average.

So the 50-day moving average is a pretty nice indicator and even if we were to just go ahead and buy this now and I went back up to the moving day of moving average, we would make around an 11 percent profit.

So that is what technically I'm going to be trying to do. We are below the moving average, which is a good sign. The RSI is showing positive movements. We saw a huge influx here of the RSI and it's, showing okay signs right now.

I could go ahead and look at the MACD and other indicators and the 4 EMA. We can in fact, do that in a sec, but for me the below the 50-day moving average is a nice sign that I want to be getting into the trade.

So what am I gonna do to go ahead and buy something like this? So I'm gonna come over to buy Nance, which is my favorite exchange to use, and I'm gonna go on to exchange and then advanced. Now I'm gonna be buying neon buy Nance, but you can also use three commas on a smart trade to in fact go ahead and buy neo.

If you want it, you can do that, but I personally I just like buying it on buy Nance and then going over to three commas and in fact using it from there. So once we wait for buy nuts to load, we're, going to be go ahead, going ahead and buying neo.

Let's, come up here and type in neo 2 BTC pairing and I'm, going to go ahead and buy some of this. So the last. The latest price is this, but there's, not much volume. Here. Let's, see how much new I'm gonna actually go ahead and buy so I & # 39.

Ve got 0.46 Bitcoin. I can buy 64.5 Neil, so I'll, go ahead and buy that and really the next competitive price would be around here. So I'm gonna go ahead and choose that and go ahead and click buy. So we got open order now with this, let's, see if it gets filled.

If it doesn't, I'll, go ahead and make a bid for a slightly higher price, but yeah I'll. Get back to you - and this is in fact purchased only waiting for my nano to in fact go ahead and get filled. I did increase the price slightly because I got a bit bored of waiting but 64 nano the amount I'm buying at seven thousand two hundred and seventy eight Satoshi's.

The reason I'm doing a limit order and waiting a little bit is because simply if I go on market order, it will eat up all these orders, because I'm buying 64. Now. What am I talking about? Nano neo? I'm buying 64 neo, and you can see here there's, only six point three 103 326.

So it will probably eat up all these and go to nearly 70 300, which I don & # 39. T really want to pay for neo right now, so that's. Why I've set that and it's. 64 percent. Sorry, 87. 87 percent filled, so we're.

Definitely gonna go ahead and get this order fulfilled in just a second and there we go it's been filled. If we go on to order history, we can see here that I cancel it at this price and I filled it at this price which I paid, which is, I'm gonna go ahead and copy this.

For the sake of three commas, iris. Oh, I got sixty four point. Four eight and the total price I played was around four point point four, six, this isn't. You need to refresh it first if you're gonna import this from here, and the updated balance from neo should in fact go ahead and show so I'm gonna go ahead on smart, sell and sixty four point.

Four. Eight, I think I actually the price I paid was here so 0.469, that's that so we're gonna go ahead and go over to take profit. Now, what we're going to want to go back to trading view, and it depends if you want to be conservative and make some profits or you want to be a bit of a gambler and go ahead and try for more profit.

So we could in fact set this peak here, which was around 9600 Satoshi's. We could in fact go on and go ahead and set it for a slightly below that, maybe nine thousand five hundred and eighty Satoshi's.

Something like that, if we wanted to make a decent profit, however, there will be risks involved with that, as that it is quite a high increase in of thirty three percent almost which it doesn't. Look that much on the chart, but thirty three percent is a humongous amount.

So I think I'm gonna go ahead and set it for around eight thousand Satoshi's, something around that. Maybe seven thousand nine hundred and eighty Satoshi's, something like that and we'll, go ahead and see what the Prophet is.

7890 Satoshi's. It's, going to be about an eight point. Four percent profit - I'm gonna put a trailing, trailing profit. It trilling take profit of three percent. That means, if it reaches this price, but it goes up another three percent.

It will in fact go ahead and if it goes up even further let's say it reaches seven this price here, but it goes up to ten thousand satoshis and then from ten thousand. Ten thousand Satoshi then comes down when it comes down up to three percent: that's, when my order will go ahead and take profit so that's, the trailing take profit stop-loss.

I'm gonna be looking to place a stop loss. What would this be here if I placed it down here? This would be around a six percent loss, so I'm gonna place it around six thousand eight hundred satoshis. Something like that.

I'm comfortable with 6,800. That's a little bit too much. I won't, allow a four point, eight percent, so that gives me a good margin for error. So I've set a market order, stop-loss of 0.4 4.8 % loss.

So I'm gonna go ahead and check this bought it at this price. The amount here they'll total. I paid market order, seven thousand eight hundred and eighty-two Satoshi's, which is up around about here. I'm, going back to three commas.

The stop-loss is set to four point: eight percent loss trailing as well, which is gonna help me and then go ahead. Gon na go ahead and click create trade. Now you might look at this and think. Okay, so the potential profit is eight point three percent, but the potential losses are 4.

8 %. Yes, you can tighten your stop-loss and because we are below that 50-day moving average, you could in fact sit and even tied to stop loss and it might be alright. I probably would in fact it decreases, stop posture, maybe three percent negative three percent, and that would in fact go ahead and protect me even more so that's that eight point three percent profit with the tip trailing take profit of three percent.

I'm gonna go on ahead and hit confirm once you've hit confirm it will go ahead and do that and if you're not already using three commas check the link down in the description. Three comments allows you to set a sell, sell order and a stop loss at the same time which, if you don't know you cannot do that on buy outs on by naps, you can only say stop limit, which is kind of like a Stop loss or a limit cell, so you can't, take your profit and also be protected as well.

You can't, protect your funds as well, so that's. Why I used three commas: click the link down below and you're gonna get $ 10 a free credit to get your account up and running. So you can see here. We've already made a point: zero point: zero, seven profit guys we are going to the moon.

I'm buying that Lambo. We are going to be good so that's, the profit that we have in fact gone ahead and made as of right. Now you can check the profit back yourself by checking the price of neo. As I said, this was mainly for demonstration purposes and I will probably be swing trading it over a few days as we are below the 50-day moving average, but basically that's.

What you can do and that's, how you can go ahead and make a little bit of profit day trading or swing trading using buy Nance using trading view and, of course, using three commas. If you haven & # 39, t already make sure to sign up for the trade calls, the link is down below and the Bitcoin blueprint as well is gonna, be over 40 educational videos on trading I SEOs mining, the history and background of Bitcoin and blockchain, Giving you a good depth of knowledge in order to go ahead and attack these trades.

So thanks for watching guys and I'll see you in the next video [ Music, ], [, Music, ]