Make A Full Time Income Day Trading On Binance

What's up guys and welcome back to another video in today's video? I'm gonna be showing you if it's actually possible to make a full-time income trading day trading or swing trading. On Finance now this video, I'm, going to be breaking down the numbers a little bit on what you're gonna have to be making per trade.

The dollar amount, and also the percentage profit to in fact make a full-time income just trading on balance everyday, not even including weekends, so that's, definitely going to be a great video for today.

If you didn & # 39, t already see my other video about how you can make a hundred dollars a day trading on balance check out my channel. It was the last video here, so you can go ahead and check that out.

That's. A great video to watch so before we get into the video. If you were interested in taking trading a bit more seriously, I do have my Bitcoin blueprint, which is the first link in the description below it's.

Gon na run you through pretty much the A to Z on how you can make a full time: income trading with cryptocurrency. The second link in the description you're gonna get ten free training videos. Some of them are from the Bitcoin blueprint.

One or two and others are just previous videos that are really great content, just jump on the second link and it's. Gon na take you to this page and then you'll, get to the videos down here, which you can see there, so that's, pretty much that and that's, the intro over.

So let's. Get into the video, so I'm gonna be breaking it down. Basically, how you can make a full-time income trading with cryptocurrency, so yeah. Can you make a full-time income trading with crypto in 2018? Well, I'm gonna kind of answer that question a bit earlier.

Yes, you can it's, not a hundred percent easy to do. But, yes, you can definitely do it as possible. So I want to give you a bit of an example about the harsh truth before we get into today's, video. This is not financial advice in this video don't.

Take anything. I say as financial advice. Don't risk any money of yours based on what I say, just use it for entertainment purposes. Only as trading is very risky, while there are great rewards. There are also losses that you can make as well, unfortunately, be careful and only trade with money that you can afford to lose or crypto only trade with crypto that you can afford to lose.

So let's, break down the numbers! That's! What we're all here for okay Jack! So how much do I have to make per day profit to make a full-time income? How much? What percentage do I have to make each trade to make a full-time income? Well, I'm, going to give you that example.

Right now, so I'm, going to be taking pretty much. I don't. I'm, not sure if it's minimum wage in the u.s. it. Maybe it's, maybe a round minimum wage around $ 1,500 per month. That's one month, not including weekends, so it's going to be 22 working days.

There are four weekends in a month to day weekends, that's eight days. Let's, assume 30 days in a month, just for easy math, so we & # 39. Ve got $ 1,500. We want to make in a month, as I said before, this is not a crazy amount of money.

Yes, you can live on it. Maybe if you're, a college student or you just got out of college, it could be pretty useful for you or maybe you should just wanted to trade on a few days, a few of your off days.

You could definitely use these principles and tactics to definitely do that so $ 1,500, a month, divided by twenty two working days in the month, equals $ 68 per working day now $ 68 $ 68 per working day.

What does that break down to? Well? It's, a bit obvious, but the larger of the the larger the amount you're trading with the less percentage profit you're gonna have to make. For example, if you're trading with a million books, you're, obviously going to have to make less profit.

Then, if you're trading with one dollar, that's, just basic principles, it's, not very hard to understand. So let's run into some examples. So if we are trading with $ 500, this is a it's, not a small amount of money, but it's.

Definitely not a huge amount of money. It's, pretty affordable for most people to maybe save up. 500 bucks - or maybe they have it spare or maybe they got into Bitcoin back in last year, this time last year, so they've got a bit of BTC to play with, and this isn't.

Just this isn't USD. I'm talking about. I'm just talking well, I am talking about USD, but I'm talking about it in relation to crypto, so $ 500 worth of aetherium $ 500 worth of Bitcoin, whatever it may be.

Whatever the pair you want to trade, BTC, aetherium, even neo, or USD T, something like that, so $ 500 in cash or not cash, but $ 500 in Bitcoin, aetherium or whatever you like. So you need to make a thirteen point.

Six percent profit per trade per working day. That means every day Monday. Through Friday, you'd, have to make one trade or maybe two trades. If you're a beginner, I don't recommend doing more than one trade.

A day as it you can get a bit over and you can over trade. That is a big pick for no one, and that happens so 13.6 % profit per day per trade per working day sounds pretty attainable, but let's increase the amount we trade with and it gets a little interesting.

So if you're trading with $ 1000, you'd, need to make six point. Eight percent per day profit a much basically per working day. That would be to make 1,500 bucks per month. So if you were in fact able to do that in about twenty days, maybe about 15 working days, you'd, in fact, double your money.

Yes, I know saying it sounds very easy doing. It is another thing. I know that I'm gonna be releasing more videos on my course. I'm gonna have ATZ pretty much of trading. I'm gonna. Take you through live trades or how I go from a thousand dollars and how I profit without H day, so it's, definitely definitely possible.

I'm gonna be showing that over the next few months. So definitely, click Subscribe down below so thousand bucks. 6.8 percent profit - you'd - need to make five thousand dollars. Now we're getting into it's kind of a lot of money to be trading with, but with five thousand dollars.

This is where it starts to get interesting. You'd, only need to make a one point: three percent profit per trade per working day. Now, how many of you guys wake up in the morning and check your block folio and you see it's gone up like one percent, you're like yeah, it's, only one percent, it doesn'T really matter, but if you're trading, that one percent, if you're trading with high enough volume that could make you sixty to a hundred dollars per day, so it's pretty interesting stuff.

Finally, if any of you guys out, there are ballers and you want to trade with 10k, you'd, only have to make a point: six, eight percent profit, this isn't sixty eight percent or six point, eight percent.

This is zero point, six, eight percent, so not even one percent profit per day. Let around half a percent profit per day. You'd, have to make to make fifteen hundred dollars per month. But if you're trading with 10k, maybe you you don't fifteen hundred dollars a month, isn't too appealing or attractive to you.

Nevertheless, it is very, very, very doable. I'm gonna show. You in a second how you can actually potentially do something like this, but do keep in mind. You may not profit every single working day. So back here, where I said you're gonna have to profit every day for twenty two working days.

Maybe not every day you'd profit and that's. Just that's, realistic guys, not every day is gonna be profit. For example, if you saw my last video, I in fact called it. I I show I showed you how I entered the trade around here and then in fact, like two hours, maybe after the video, maybe three hours after the video went out.

I was talking about Tron TRX about how it's such a great kind of opportunity to get into right. Now she's, not financial advice, guys and just taking you over around about here a little bit above the 24-hour lows, but that's.

Fine, I said: okay, the the signals are looking great. It's, not oversold. It's, not overbought, but it's. Looking like it is in a great position: it's, hogging that bottom Bollinger Band - and I said okay.

This could be a good coin to trade right now, definitely good token to trade right now, definitely, and lo and behold about three hours after that video went live. It did in fact have a small pump. No, it's.

Nothing to do the video a video only got like 10k views. I doubt 10,000 people went and bought Tron that's, not why it pumped but yeah. The signals were alright and we can see here. The Bollinger Bands are pretty much compressing, compressing, compressing, narrowing and usually when that happens, and we can see the link with the RSI, we can in fact go ahead and pretty much guess that it's.

Gon na have a small pump or the price is going to increase, so one of the ways how you can easily easily make a little bit of money trading each day. As I said before, in this slide, let's say we have a thousand bucks, so a thousand bucks would have to make six point.

Eight percent profit. Five thousand have to make one point: three: let's, just go ahead and say we're gonna make five percent profit. Maybe you're trading with like two thousand bucks, something like that not now Spotify, so so.

Yeah, all you have to do just go up here on, buy Nance, make sure you're on the advanced trading and just basically going 24 hour change. This is really really basic stuff. If you want more advanced stuff, I & # 39.

Ve definitely got it on my Bitcoin blueprint and also in these videos here the 10 free videos. By going to this link, and also on my youtube channel, i've, got a lot of information about support and resistance.

How you can find the bottom day trading tips everything like that, so just check out my videos. It's, a really good resource, so you want to just come on here and in fact go on the 24-hour change. Now, why is the 24 hour change important? Well, if the coin or the token has had a lot of a percentage change, be it up or down in the last 24 hours? This shows that is a little bit volatile.

Well, in Owen, T's case quite a lot vial of volatile increasing up 27 %, but we can pretty much go ahead and take one of these coins that has a decent amount of volume. Depending on how much you're trading with you, you're gonna want to have a couple hundred Bitcoin minimum volume.

If you don & # 39, t want to get your Bitcoin stuck in there and another way you can. In fact, go ahead and make profit trading is by in fact, finding coins or tokens. They've only made a small percentage profit over 24 hours, but they & # 39.

Ve got good volume, for example, let's, say storm and guys. When I'm looking at a currency or token I don't care about the name. I don't care about anything else. I just care about the volume on the 24 hour and taking a look at the charts so taking a look at storm.

I probably wouldn't get in on this, just because it had a huge pump. I want to do a bit more research on it. It's around 72 and what we are now 41 yeah. I probably wouldn't, get on this right. Now. It doesn't, look bad because we're down at the pretty much the low for the last 24 hours and the MA looks.

Ok, I'd, want to see the Bollinger Bands, so we can just quickly go ahead and check that go on Paul. You could maybe scalp like a few percent profit on this, but if you want bigger games, I'd. Look for something else, so let & # 39.

S have a look down here. I'm, just kind of walking you guys through what I would do when I'm going ahead and trading. So here we can see aetherium, let's, go on nem XE m! Let's, go ahead and take a look at this pull this up and get a bit of an indication on what's going on.

If we could maybe Scout a few percent profit on this, so yeah taking a look at XE m, this does in fact look pretty interesting. So we can see here. The RSI down here is pretty much below it's. It like below 10 anyway.

That's, that's for sure it's hooking the bottom Bollinger Band. We can see on the our chart and we pretty much at lows to the lust. We're, pretty close to low. So the last 24 hours pretty much we can see it's hugging the bottom Bollinger Band.

I want to go ahead and take a look at the moving average. So we can see that nem has in fact only gone up or gone down around 0.06 percent in the last 24 hours we see, we did have a lot of support around here at 3,300.

Satoshi's. We did test a breakout at around 30 450 satoshis, so we could in fact take we couldn't, go down to this support level here at around 3000, which could definitely be doable or we could go, go ahead and set new highs, or in Fact test this high here at around 3,400.

So what I would do is I'll, go ahead and buy some of this. Maybe right now I'm, not telling you to do it. I'm, not gonna personally. Do it because I I'm, not a huge fan of creating live it's, just extra pressure, you don't need when you're trading, so you couldn't, go ahead and buy Some of this right now, and maybe I would look to sell at around thirty four eighty nine something like that - never sell on even numbers, like thirty five hundred, because that's.

What a lot of people are gonna be setting their sell order. So I wouldn't, do that and you can maybe set a stop loss for around a few percent. Maybe down here, like 31, seventy-four something like that.

That will work out fine, and maybe you could scalp a few percent, maybe two to three to five percent profit on that, so that's. Basically, what you can do guys I've, got so many videos on my youtube channel about trading.

Also, here on the second link, you can check that out and also in the Bitcoin blueprint. If you were interested in taking trading a little bit more seriously, so that's, pretty much it for this video guys.

I hope you have found it useful if it does seem a little bit confusing. Just go back on some of my videos on my channel and I & # 39. Ve definitely got some great ones on there, and also don't forget to hit the subscribe button for more trading videos, thanks for watching guys and I'll, see you in the next video [ Music, ]