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In today's. Video i'm gonna teach you all you need to know about the basic attention token. First, we're gonna talk about how the basic attention token was created. Then we're, going to discuss how it works.

How it benefits you and what the price is going to do in the future, so genuinely, if you guys, are looking for a great investment in the short and mid-term basic attention. Token might be the one for you, [, Music, ] good morning: everybody.

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Let's, jump onto coin castle onto the home screen and see what's changed over the last 24 hours, bitcoin up three percent at 10, 400 ethereum up a whopping 11.29 percent at 374., xrp up 4.2 at 0.2466 and chain link Up 10 and a half percent at 12.

96, all the current prices can be seen on the coin castle. Home screen just go to and everything's live updated right there. So, as many of you guys know, there are many many altcoins in the world of cryptocurrency.

All coins are anything besides bitcoin some are great and some just suck, but one in particular that i want to talk about today is the basic attention. Token bat. First, i want to start off by explaining who created the basic attention token.

There are many different internet browsers out there. There's safari there's; internet explorer there's. Firefox there's, chrome and there's. Brave brave is a new blockchain based internet browser. They primarily focus on safety and security for your internet browsing and because they're based on blockchain.

They integrate tokens into their system. They are the ones that created the basic attention. Token. Now the basic attention token wasn't just created by some schmuck off the street, the person that created it also invented javascript and firefox.

So essentially, the basic attention token is all about advertisers users and the publishers of those ads 99 of the people. That i know use an ad blocker on their internet browser preventing all ads from getting through, so that your surfing experience is stress-free.

But the way that most of these platforms stay free is by allowing advertisers to run ads so that they're. Able to generate income, but now with advertisers scratching their heads on how to get through these ad blockers and have actual users engage in their advertising.

The brave browser has actually created a system for this now. Yes, the brave browser has all the features that you would expect in a browser, safety and security being of the utmost importance when you download the brave browser onto your computer and you use it for the first time, the ad blocker is actually turned on by default.

Once you turn that ad blocker off, you are actually put into a system where you actually get paid to watch advertisements, so the basic attention token is a pyramid. On the one hand, you have advertisers on the other, you have publishers and the users consuming the content.

The basic attention token rewards everybody involved. The advertiser actually gets a better return on their investment because they're, actually putting ads in front of people who actually want to watch them because they are getting paid for it.

That's. The incentive, the publisher, also gets higher revenue from the advertiser because they're, getting more engaged users again because the users are getting paid for it. So not only are they having higher revenue, they're, getting better metrics from the views on those ads, and the user of course gets paid, a small percentage just for watching the ads, no extra fuss or hassle on may 1st 2019 users were getting Approximately 75 a year just by watching ads on their browser with an expected number of 250 dollars per year by the end of 2020, which is right now, okay, so now you guys know how the basic attention token was started, what it's used For now let's.

Look at the price of the basic attention token! You can actually go to the coin castle exchange. We have a trading view chart on the dashboard of the exchange, so i've got it all here, zoomed out and you can see.

This is the march 12th bottom that everything just took a big dump. But since that point the basic attention token was worth 8 cents and at its highest high it was worth 44 cents now, just like the rest of the market.

There are ups and downs, but there's, one in particular that i want to talk about that happened several months ago in june, the brave browser scandal that i also did a video about linked here. Basically, what the brave browser was doing was when you searched certain exchanges like binance or coinbase.

You would type in binance and it would auto populate forward, slash their affiliate id number, meaning that every piece of traffic that they pushed towards binance was to sign up. For binance, using their affiliate id since 2009, the united states has had very strict affiliate laws, meaning that if you have an affiliate code on any piece of content or advertising that you push out, that needs to be stated clear and bold so that the user knows They were basically hiding this having it auto populate, not giving people a choice and getting a massive amount of referrals.

Through this system there was a huge backlash. The basic attention token dropped in price. There were thousands of articles written about brave right after that there was a bunch of tweets apologizing articles apologizing.

Basically, they said it was a glitch in the system that, since that time has been corrected, i think enough time has passed since then that people have forgotten about that, because, as you can see here since that time, the price went up from 22 cents all the Way up to 44 cents and just like everything else across the board, everything dropped down like crazy, the lowest point it's hit, since that 44 cent level was 22.

6 cents. Currently, the basic attention token is sitting at .2692. Now you might be asking yourself: is this the best time to get into the basic attention token? I watch charts day in and day out, this big drop that we've had all across the board in the nasdaq, the s p.

500. The dow jones, the german 30 everything went down about 10 over the last few days. We stayed stagnant and we are actually on an up climb. The u.s markets saw nearly a five to six percent gain just yesterday, and cryptocurrencies are following suit, as you can see.

In the case of ethereum, going up to 370, so once the us economy starts climbing back up, then the big crypto currencies start climbing back up and then we start seeing all coins go up. So i think now would be an amazing time to get into the basic attention token, because if you bought it now at the 26 cent level that it's at and it does climb back up to where it was you're.

Looking at a 70 profit on your investment, which i think it'll do in the next few weeks. Now, if you're wondering where you can buy the basic attention token, you can actually do it on the coin castle.

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