$100 A Day Trading On Bybit - Cryptocurrency Leverage Trading For Beginners

What's up guys? Welcome back to another video, so in today's! Video! We're, going to be talking all about making $ 100 per day or more trading bitcoin on by bet. Now, if you haven't already seen my Bible tutorial video, I'll, have that linked in the description or somewhere in the video? So you can go ahead and watch it barb.

It is a leveraged exchange. It allows you to trade with more money and you actually have, but of course it comes with risk, but as well. It comes with more potential profit in today's. Video we're gonna be taking a look at by bit.

We're gonna be taking a look, also add some strategies on how you can make $ 100 per day more trading on by bit, but first of all make sure to leave a comment down below every single Monday. I'm gonna be giving away at razor storage device.

So just leave a comment down below and I'll pick a video at random through the week and then I'll pick a comment at random on that random video and then every Monday I'll, announce the winner. Having to send it to you or send the equivalent in BTC to your Bitcoin address so definitely make sure sure make sure to leave a comment down below.

It can be anything just a comment and you can potentially be picked to win this tracer so getting into today's. Video, if you haven't already sign up with by bit. There is a link down in the description of the video.

You can go ahead and sign up and I believe you can get up to either a 60 or $ 200 bonus, depending on how much you deposit. So it's. A really really good offer you can pretty much trade, we got 60 dollars for free and then any profits you make with it.

You can draw so it's, pretty much a risk-free leverage trading. If you maximize that $ 60 bonus that you can get so one of the main techniques that I'm going to be teaching today is pretty much trend.

Is your friend one thing with margin trading is using trends and betting with trends. One thing: people one thing that is pretty much not assured, but it's, a lot easier to make profits when you're leveraged trading, if you're betting with the trend.

What do I mean by that? Well, I mean if the price is constantly going down, you're gonna bet. You're gonna short Bitcoin, that the price is going to continue going down if the price is continuously rising and it shows levels that is rising past and it's going to go even higher, then you bet with it and You go along on Bitcoin, I'm, going to me to the computer and show you a quick trade.

I'm in and also go over a bit of information about it. So now we're in the computer. We can see here I'm currently in about four hundred and fifty nine dollars profit. This is a trade I entered not that long ago you can see my entry line here that's, where I shorted Bitcoin, and we're now down here and I'm currently in about four hundred and sixty dollars.

A profit give or take now. This is a longer-term trade. I did only enter very recently and it's nearly in five hundred dollars profit, but this is a longer short on Bitcoin, with a stop loss set a little bit higher.

If we zoom out, we can see my stop-loss is set up here at around eight 350. Something like that. Basically, I'm shorting Bitcoin right now, so I think my from my entry point here. The price of Bitcoin is going to continue going down and I & # 39.

Ve entered this trade with a 10x leverage, so we can see here 10x now. The amount I entered with is fairly large. I entered with about 1.2 Bitcoin on this trade, so you can see the total value is around a hundred thousand u.

s.. So yeah it's. A lot of money, don't, get me wrong, but that's. Just personally. What I'm trading with you guys, don't, have to trade with that much you can trade with a hundred dollars. If you want and you don't have to use 10x leverage as well.

With the regards to the leverage, I definitely would consider using 10x or less if you're first starting out just use 2 X and maybe 3 X. Something like that and you can change the leverage here or you can go on here and type in custom leverage.

If you want 7x, for example, you can just type in 7x, for example, something like that and then you can serve an exit, although there's, no balance in my account right now, because I'm in this trade, but that's, how how you can do it so the main thing I would focus on when you're leveraged trading Bitcoin to try and make $ 100 per day profit it's.

Follow up the trend. Guys trend is your friend until it betrays you. So just remember trend is your friend. So right now we're on the one-hour chart and we can quite clearly see that the trend we're having a descending trend.

So if trend is your friend, you would get your bet and it would short Bitcoin now. This is only this is only a short-term trend. If we zoom out, we have a slightly more bullish trend slightly, but all overall we're, looking fairly bearish.

If we go ahead on trading view and take a look, we know we're still, not above this 200-day moving average, which is very important for Bitcoin, and we've, been here for quite some time now I don'T know how long exactly maybe ten days or so, but we still haven't broken up above it.

We did try to break above it on this pump here, but you see we got rejected. We are seeing lower lows here depending on when these daily candles close. We are seeing lower lows and we did see a massive rejection here on the 200-day, so those signs are looking fairly bearish just from a technical analysis, point of view and long term.

I will probably bullish on Bitcoin medium to long term but short term. It's, looking reasonably bearish unless we do have a massive pump up to this 200-day moving average and that's. Why I've got my stop-loss set up here just above this peak here.

So if I work on worse, if we do start pumping and Bitcoin starts to go crazy, I & # 39. Ll only make Lossless it's bearable it's, not terrible. So if you come back down here and see what we're in profit, we're now at 489 dollars, profit, which is running fairly well.

That's, one of the good things about leveraged trading of I only entered here. We're here and have already made $ 500 profit. Of course, I'm trading with a large amount. If you're trading with a less amount, you would still be in profit.

You can see here four point: six, five percent profit, nearly five percent profit and Bitcoin - has only moved this much so even if you're trading with a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars that still could be five or $ 50 profit, you don't need to make a couple of those trades in a day or even just wait it out and wait for more games, so honestly by bit is really really easy to use.

I've, been really enjoying it recently and I've been trading quite a lot on it. It's, so simple to use with a leverage the leverage meter here. I always recommend using the limit buy and the limit sell the limit sell here, because you're, going to have less fees when you sell it over.

Here we have the audible or the cells or the buys on the books. We have the last traded prices here. We can see they're. All read that would initiate that would kind of indicate that the price may be going down further and further.

We just have so many cells here, look, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell as far as the eye can see. We have cells so that's, pretty much it for this video guys. All you have to do is follow the trend trend.

Is your friend remember that go ahead and try some trades, even if it's with ten US dollars? There is a link in the description of this video go ahead and sign up for buy base completely free. You don't even need to fill in how much information, to be honest, and all you have to do - is deposit and start making your first trades.

You can take that $ 60 free and use that to leverage the trade and then you can withdraw your profits. You cannot withdraw that sixty dollars you get for free, but if you put it into a trade you make profits, then you can withdraw all of it.

So it's, actually really really good. So, potentially there is free leverage trading and that's $ 60. If you're on 10x, you can trade, you can trade it up to $ 600. So, even though you only have 60 in the account you can trade on 10x and you would be trading as if you have $ 600, so it's, a really nice incentive to join by bit, and I recommend joining it.

It's a great platform. However, just keep in mind guys that leverage trading is risky. Most traders will probably lose their money. Leverage trading so be careful. Do not. I would not advise going over to 25k leverage or anything like that.

50K. 100K. Leverage. Definitely do not, because you & # 39, ll get liquidated and you will lose your money like that. So I really wouldn & # 39. T recommend that, but overall, by bit is a really good platform.

It's fairly, simple to use, and it gives you a great advantage with using the leverage trading to go ahead and make $ 100 a day. This it's, not actually that difficult do take into account fees, though the fees on by bit and they're, not terrible, but when you trade with a high leverage, the fees are higher than normal.

So do take that into account. I'll, try and leave something linked below for the fees, but they do rack up. If you trade on a large large leverage, 10x is not too bad, but if you start trading on 25 50 100 X, the fees can mount up.

So I would recommend 10x on below. If you're first, starting out 2 or 3 X is more than enough even 5. If you're feeling a bit ambitious. So if we go ahead and take a look at Bitcoin here on the 30 minute chart as well, we should start to get a little bit more of an indication of where its go.

So we can see overall, we've. Had we've touched here one two times it's, going to be interesting to see where we go from here right here we may potentially bounce back up to around 80 200 in the past, so we have one.

We touched it there, but this will be interesting to see what kind of support it forms here and if it will actually even go down and touch this line, if we don't touch this line. That means we're gonna form a higher low, and that could potentially mean we may form a higher high in the recent future.

This is very recent because we're on the 30-minute chart. This is not long term, so you can see you couldn't, you could. You could have entered here and potentially got a long off and made a few percent profit.

Maybe even a hundred dollars profit in that day, so guys that's, pretty much it for this video guys, remember trend, is your friend bet with the trend not against it, and you're, going to have a lot easier time, making Profits, I definitely recommend checkout by bit.

The link is in the description you can see. I'm currently right now in five hundred and thirty seven dollars profit, which is quite nice, it's. Only 8:30 a.m. as I'm filming this, so starting off the day with five hundred dollars, profit it's.

Definitely not a bad thing. Don't forget to sign up to buy bit with a link in the description. If you & # 39, ve got any questions, definitely leaving them down below, and don't forget to smack that thumbs up button and subscribe for more cryptocurrency videos.

Thanks guys and I'll catch you in the next video [ Music. ] [ Music, ]