$100 A Day Trading On Binance - Cryptocurrency Trading For Beginners

What's up guys and welcome back to another video in today's video, I'm gonna, be showing you how you can date trade on by Nance and make between fifty to a hundred dollars per day. As a beginner, now, of course, these results are not guaranteed.

This is just how I the methods that I use to make fifty to a hundred dollars a day trading on balance and other exchanges, like that, some other exchanges like bit tracks you can't really get an account for them right now, so buy Nance is a great option: they have great volume and they have a lot of choice of coins and tokens.

So we're, going to be looking at buying outs today and basically identifying some trends and different ways and techniques that you can trade day. Trade and make a good amount of profit first of all, before we get into the video.

Of course, my Bitcoin blueprint, if you would, if you're looking at taking trading ICL's, mining and everything like that. More seriously check out the Bitcoin blueprint the link is below. I have so many videos on here about trading, about everything else like that, basically showing you how to make a full time income with cryptocurrency.

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So getting into today's, video trading! Now it's, not the easiest of things to do. I'm gonna go out there and say that right away trading is not easy. You most likely may and probably will lose some money when you first start trading.

I know because I did and many many other people didn't. If you don't lose money when you first trade, then you're. Pretty lucky to be honest, but it's. These results and these experiences in these small losses they can help you gain and grow into a better trader.

Now, if you're just beginning and you're trading, maybe this video might not be perfectly for you. But if you've done a few trades, you know basically how to use buy Nance. Then you should easily be able to follow along if you want more information, just check out the second link and there's, some more information on here or just go to my youtube channel and check out some other videos.

As there's, a lot of good content on there so first of all day trading, what is day trading day trading is basically trading in the day pretty self-explanatory right. It's, basically over a 24-hour period, but I kind of take over 12-hour period since I'm, not awake at night, so usually from around 9:00 a.

m. to around 5:00 p.m. is where I usually trade not constantly, but between those times. Other times the I trade - and this is the most popular trying times for trading - that's. When is the most volume as well, so what we're going to want to do is go to exchange and click on advanced.

Once we've done that we're going to want to find ourself a coin that we need to day trade with now it's. It's, not the easiest, to find something to day trade with, but once you have found a coin for that day or that week or whatever you want once you've found that calling that you, like it's, Got good cycles on it and the metrics are looking good.

It really makes life a lot easier, so we clicked on that advanced trading section I don't recommend using the basic one. If so, going on to the Advanced section on buy announcer your gonna, for me, it default it to light coin, because that's.

What I was previously on, but all we're going to be doing basically is finding something to trade with. So we come up here and click this little icon here, and these are the different pairings. We have favourites, BTC, aetherium, finance and tether.

So basically, I'm, going to be trading with BTC, but you can trade with aetherium. If you want BTC, I'm gonna go to volume like so, and I'm gonna want to click the highest volume. I'm, not saying we're gonna trade with this one, but it's just good to see.

I'd, like to see the volume and the 24-hour train change volume, because if there's, not enough volume in the corner, toke on my trading, we might not be able to get our money out or even buy anything and 24 Hour change, because if something's down like five 10 %, we know it rallies up and down each day it's, pretty much an easy trade for a 510 percent profit in that day, and your day trading is done for the Day with just a simple trade, so I'm gonna go on 24 hour volume and I'm just basically having a look for something that looks pretty decent.

So we see here, Tron TRX, I'm, not a big fan of the coin, but I don't really care the token I don't care that much because I'm just interested about making profit. So it's, down 4.8 1 % on the day. Volume is plenty enough anything over like around a few hundred Bitcoin.

If you're day, trading should be more more more than enough to day trade with. So we're gonna go ahead and go on Tron and wait for that to load. So taking a look at the one-hour chart on Tron, we can see that basically, it gives us an overview and each candlestick is a one-hour representation.

In the day it's got the day and the time down below with the stumps, so you can easily identify that just a basic overview. If you don't know, this is the order book that sells the pies the recent transactions over here limit market and stop limit.

I'm gonna be using limit. Today, I'm, not gonna be trading. Today. I will in other videos, but this is just a basic overview of what it is. If you do want a full tutorial on violence. Let me know - and I'll - even add it to my channel or to the Bitcoin blueprint so yeah, basically having a look at it, we can see that it is down four point.

Eight one percent on the twenty four-hour, the lowest point here - was at four three: six Satoshi's and the highest point was up here at around six to two satoshis. So if we & # 39, re gonna go ahead and have a look at the 30-minute chart that may give us a better indication.

So, having a look at Tron on the 30-minute chart, we can pretty much see that the low was around four four three and the high was five eleven. We can see here. These basic swings like so it's, going down to around four sixty or a little bit higher, and then it's.

Coming up it's, some funding support at 460. Then it's, coming up on finding a bit of resistance at around 480. Something like that. Currently right now, we're at four five, four, which is in fact below this support level of 416.

So the next level we could actually see if we don't already will probably be down around 450. Something like that. So that is definitely a key level to be looking out for something like that 450 and then we should iron out and see a bit of support now, once it reaches 450 well, based on the previous cycles, we can see that it's, probably Gon na go up to around 470 465 - something like that.

So if you did want to go ahead and buy some at 450, something like that and then you wanted to go ahead and sell at around for 74 72. You would go ahead and make a few percent profit on that trade, which is what it's all about it's, not always about making the 10 20 30 40 percent profit trade on each day, trade.

Sometimes, in a day you, if you only make 5 to 10 percent, that's, an excellent trade, and if you keep doing that repetitively, you're gonna be making a lot of money. With that. A few more indicators that we can use to go ahead and confirm this information, so we're gonna go ahead and take a look at some indicators.

I'm just gonna use two for this video, some pretty basic indicators, which anyone should be able to understand. If you don & # 39, t understand them check out the free videos on here. I've got some information about that lots of information in my course, of course, of course, and also on my youtube channel.

So we're, going to use a bowl which are Bollinger Bands and we're, also gonna go ahead and add the starch RSI. So taking a look at these metrics, the Bollinger Bands. Basically, we can see that it's, hovering around the bottom Bollinger Band and one of the easier ways to in fact go ahead and trade and make profit which a lot of beginning beginner traders, in fact do, is in fact just by when it Hits the bottom Bollinger Band and sell if they want to be super safe when it hits around the middle Bollinger Band.

Well, how this is like. I'm, a chart where we can see here that on around the 3rd of April, around 5 p.m. we see that the it was touching, the bottom Bollinger Band and we can see a downward trend, touch the bottom Bollinger Band and then pretty much Immediately, it went up and touched the top limit of the Bollinger Band.

This was also confirmed with the RSI down here. We can see that the RSI in fact crossed over which signals an indicator for you to go ahead and make a buy, and then in fact it came up here and touch the top Bollinger Band and even later it the RSI crossed.

Now I wouldn't have waited until it touch the top Bollinger Band. I probably would have sold just as it crossed over the middle, which is the average I probably would have sold. Then the middle Bollinger Band is pretty much like a fair price for the coin or the token that you're.

Looking at that's, what I view it as the middle is pretty much a fair price. So if I sell a little bit above that, take my profits cell and just take the profit, I'm, pretty much happy so where and how can we see what's? Gon na happen next? Well, it is a market, so you can't, always see what is gonna happen next.

But if we take a look recently, we can see that the candlesticks are in fact hugging the bottom Bollinger Band right now and you could say: okay, so they touched there and they touch that. Does that mean that they're gonna break out? Here immediately: well, we can see here they didn't in fact break out immediately.

We are looking at 30 minute chart, so you could get a bit more detail on some of the other time stamps, but we can see here we are seeing a bit of a growth in this green candlestick and also the RSI is down here, and it is Pretty much under bought, which means we could see a little bit of a price increase and in fact, just once we've, been once I've been filming.

This video, the price, has increased by 1 %. It was four point. Eight one percent change: now it's. Three point: eight one percent change, so you see it's increased by one percent. So with the RSI here that we can see, we can see these previous cycles with our aside.

The RSI was here and when it came down back out here, the RSI was down here touch to the bottom Bollinger Band. The RSI went up it crossed. It touched the top Bollinger Band, it shot right through it and we can see we could have bought here and in fact sold here.

Now. It's very, very easy to say: okay, we should have bought here. We should have sold there. You should have seen that coin go to the moon. You should have seen this coin go to Mars. It's very easy to say that, but doing it is another thing.

Yes, I do understand that it's, not easy to trade, and then, when you first start trading and beginner, you may and probably will lose a bit of money. So if you are trading to start with just trade with like 50 bucks, something you don't mind losing and just do it for the the whole, like the idea and emotion of trading, you put doing this, you're, making a Limit order, you're, making a limit sell.

You're setting your stop-loss everything like that. You need to practice using these metrics and these tools, the indicators that RSI the Bollinger Bands - everything like that, so you can make a small profit as always guys when you're in profit, take the profit, take it it's.

Never a bad thing to take profit. Another coin currently, which is looking pretty interesting if this would go ahead and load its loaded now and another coin is POA to BTC pairing on by Nance. So you can see here this we are on the one-hour chart.

Right now - and we can see these nice swings - I mean this is just absolutely perfect for day trading. If not swing trading, we can see the perfect swings you can buy down here and the RSI down here crossed.

I believe it's set to 30 70 on trading view, but the other side cross down here and we can see straight after the RSA crossed it went back up and even if you sold in the mid in the middle around 4550.

Something like that, you would have made a decent profit on the day. We can in fact go ahead and see what profit you would have made, or you made a seven point. Two eight percent profit, which I'm sure anyone is pretty happy with for day trading.

Now we can see it's currently down here of 4800 satoshis or where do we think it's going to go well? If we take a look back at previous levels, we can see there is a lot of support down here at around forty six.

Seventy 46 around 4600 anyway, we're, currently at 47 or 48 hundred, so if it did cross below 4700 anymore, I will probably look to wait and not buy because it may be coming down to this previous support level here.

But if it did start increasing a little bit well, I will probably buy it and set a sell for around. If you want to be supersonic conservative you could do around forty nine nine five, something like that.

But if you want it to be pretty ambitious, then you can go up here to 5100, something like that and you could in fact make a small profit. If you bought here and you sold up here, you would make around a six percent profit which guys these aren't crazy numbers.

These aren't crazy profits. You're, not gonna buy a Lamborghini overnight. Of course, you're, not this is just realistic profits. Now, a lot of trade day traders they don't even trade. Unless it's, one or two X, 1 X 2 X their money that's.

Not me. I prefer to trade for a 5 10 % profit every day consistently. So I can ensure I'm, getting a little bit of income so that's. Basically it for this video guys, if you haven't already, please check out the Bitcoin blueprint there's loads of videos down here over 40 videos.

I believe someone trading on icos on the background of Bitcoin and blockchain, giving you a real fundamental, fundamental value and knowledge, so you can make a full time: income with cryptocurrency. That's.

The first link in the description. The second link is the ten free trading videos which will take you here after you just put your name and email. You can get their videos right away. It will link you to here and you can have a good look through them, thanks very much for watching this guy's.

Let me know down in the comments if you want to see any more videos on Finance or trading, and I'll, get them done for you, thanks for watching guys and take it easy [, Music, ], [, Music, ]